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 Help Improve My Church Website

As a volunteer webmaster  for my church’s website, I have spent many hours over the last seven years  trying to improve the church website to make it inviting, informational and intuitive to all visitors. Nothing is more encouraging to me than hearing “We decided to come to this church because of your church website and this is where we found God”.

If your church does not have a website consider this:

  • 83% of households have Internet service at home, and 56% of adults access the internet on a Smartphone
  • Over 5 million times a day persons use the internet to search for something.
  • Unlike a physical church building the “internet doors” of your church website are open 24 hours a day 365 day per year ready to welcome visitors.
  • Your church website helps remove the fear and uncertainty of entering a new surrounding.

Why some churches do not have a website:

  • It is to complicated or we don’t know where to start.
  • It cost to much.
  • Who would maintain a website and keep the information current?

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